divendres, 24 de juny de 2016

HAYDN, Johann Michael (1737-1806) - Mythologische Operette

 Festa de Sant Joan - St. John Festivity 
- I come back next week -

Font (on trobareu informació addicional així com dels discs on podeu trobar aquestes obres):

Tant si us ha agradat com si no, opineu, és lliure i fàcil!

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  2. *Instant smile!* Woohoo!!!!!! Vivat!!!! Remember coming across an LP on eBay - and, like so often before, regretting STRONGLY that I don't have the LP player! ... And now ~ this sweet music has entered the digital world!!! Two masters of counterpoint in their lighter capacity, splendid and wonderful! Thank you, Pau!!!!

    .... Hugs!

    1. Instant smile! jajaja Thanks DSB (N).

      Long long long time ago I found this BIG gem but it was out of stock everywhere! My only way was waiting until someone, with generous heart, upload it on internet! Finally I got on youtube!

      Hugs DSB!